3 Honorable Mentions for PASCVAL in International Photography Contest

visit http://www.Pascval.com
visit http://www.Pascval.com
PASCVAL presents
Pascval.com presents

Entry description:
Sensuality, Wild, Emotion, Purity, Spiritual are words that come to my mind when I think about Nude Photography. I love to fusion nature and our pure being. In my opinion,nude shows also our spirit and magic and its perfect background is wild nature. Ibiza is my workplace where I find skilled models and perfect landscapes for my work. It is very important to connect with models for long-term works and for having the best results working together. Its a matter of cooperation model-photographer for having the magical results a photo needs. I work hardly for having them. I hope you feel something with my photos. And you are very welcome to follow my works in my http://www.PASCVAL.com

About photographer:
PASCVAL is a fine art photographer living in Ibiza, Spain. He is a self-taught photographer who discovered digital photography in 2001. He was then immediately attracted by fine art photography, and he has been tirelessly exploring the scenes among the world, near and far. He captures those magical moments which represent the reality or fragments of them as he perceives them, and then transforms them into eternal fine art. His photography interests are primarily nude photography, landscape and architecture, which especially lend themselves to wonderful color scenes or black and white conversion.He loves the process of finding the perfect creative compositions. At his complete artistic side, PASCVAL has been also developing Abstract Painting & Electronic Music projects for more than 23 years. You can follow all his artistic projects in http://www.PASCVAL.com.


Source: http://monoawards.com/winners-gallery/monochrome-awards-2015/amateur/nude


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